Packing up

The Urbino Project 2019  è finito.

Closing up shop, boxing equipment in the basement classrooms of the beautiful old Corboli building, I feel a sadness more stinging than with the car keys or wallet lost (not mine, for the record) on last night’s trip to Riccione. (Great four-course dinner on the beach at Ristorante Mariscos.)Michael & Doug - The Sopranos

That was quite a farewell last night. It began with the traditional Raffie Awards ceremony in the giant brick tomb of the Sala del Maniscalco, under the palace wall. Michael and I were The Sopranos – our one chance to show off the only saxophones we could carry on a plane. The students didn’t seem impressed.

I think they were too excited about the Raffies, our version of the Oscars. Statuettes of Raphael’s head and shoulders were given out. First, nominees were announced. Then the winners: Best multimedia text story, best multimedia photo story, best multimedia video, best multimedia package, best magazine text story, best magazine picture, and magazine cover.

Raffie winners

Raffie winners. Holding her two awards in the hat on the right is Alli Baxter, JMU student from Lynchburg, Va.

Nearly four weeks ago, when the students heard about the Raffies, Alli Baxter told me she and Liza (whom I was mentoring and editing for their shepherd/sheepdog/pecorino stories) wanted to win a Raffie to make me proud.

Well, Alli’s story did win the Raffie for best text story, Liza and Alli’s video was a runner up, and Alli won for overall multimedia package. Yes, I’m proud.

The other students I mentored and edited also did me proud. See the terrific features on the coolest preschool ever, by Eliza and Kelsey. Thank you, all. Great work!


Arrivederci, Marche.