Two of my published articles on Marshall Frady

I will be on Georgia Public Broadcasting’s 9 a.m. live radio talk show, “On Second Thought,” the first week in November (probably Monday or Wednesday), talking about the late Marshall Frady, a New Journalism magazine writer from Georgia.

Here are two 2014 articles I wrote based on my research in the Frady Papers at Emory, one published in Literary Journalism Studies and the other in Journalism History.

‘Just as I Am’? Marshall Frady’s Making of Billy Graham

Cumming ‘So Splendid It Hurts,’ article in Journalism History Spring 2014 (40,1) pp. 59-64.

Jesse Fidel & Marshall

Jesse Jackson, Fidel Castro, and Marshall Frady, who seems happy to have finally met Fidel, nearly 40 years after Frady’s failed adolescent efforts to cover the Revolution.


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journalism professor at W&L
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